Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wilson Creek Pottery - Spring Green

Many of the Retreaters enjoy making this stop just 5 miles out of Spring Green, on their way to the HOmestead Cabin Retreat.
Some especially shop for Christmas gifts for family and friends.
A friend and I took a trip yesterday and had a lovely time shopping.
Take a look at the inside of her shop out in the country.
This is her outside kiln - I think she has another inside. You can still get some great pottery this year and next year. After that she is retiring after a lifetime of pounding the clay.
Below is some of the unglazed items ready for Peggy's final touches.

Stop in and tell her "Hi" and enjoy the beautiful drive out to her place. She is open most days from 10am - 5pm. Call for sure at 608-588-2195 Later, Patsy

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