Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcoming of FALL in Wisconsin

This only takes two weeks. You carve something in a pumpkin while it is still on the vine. I had trouble getting down that low. It will scab over in two weeks and ready for picking. HeeHee - "scab ready for picking" I remember these words from childhood. It happened lots when all we had to ride our bicycles on were gravel roads.
Some of what is out to greet you when you come this Fall.
On top of the mantel. Getting ready for some hand work by the fireplace.

We have curbs in our Fall parking lot. Please take advantage of them by unloading near the door, and then moving your car at an angle. We should be able to get 4 - 5 cars along this expanded parking lot section. So blocking someone in might just be a thing of the past. Unless everyone drives separately of course.

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