Friday, September 11, 2009

Quilt Expo 2009 - Madison Wisconsin

Quilt Expo 2009 was great. Thanks to Nancy Zieman for all she has done for the needlearts industry.
I thought there were many more quilts entered into the show this year. I also thought they were squeezing the venders hallways - unless there were just that many people there on thursday. I would like to see the quilt show in one area and the venders in another but they haven't asked for my advice yet. :) Are they afraid that we (quilters) would not find either? Are you kidding me?

I took a great class "Sewing w/ cotton feed + flour sacks by Christine Motl.

and another one hour lecture from Jan Krueger and Linda Marcou on "Scrap Busters". They showed about 30 quilts made from JUST their stash in the last three years. They have created some of their own techniques/patterns and some patterns from others. All were eye candy.


Anonymous said...

What a nice picture -

Debbie said...

Christine was at our guild meeting tonight. Very interesting.