Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Blind Dogs return to 'the Ridge'

Our church's Fall Festival was this past Sunday. And we had the pleasure to be entertained by Old Blind Dogs. A Scottish folk band who is very entertaining. Always adding more 'lore' into their 'folk'.
Some of the maples are stunning.
Fraser on percussion - it was mostly a blur - he was soooo fast!
Jonny Hardie could fiddle !!!
Learning the fast paced 'cup game' taught by Fraser Stone. Jessi and Caroline had no problem, but Josh, well, a little bit a trouble.
My niece, has got dancing in her feet/blood. The band invited folks to get up and dance as they were looking and pointing at Jessi. She is the greatest Trinity Irish dancer!!
The Scottish band, Old Blind Dogs returned for the second time in our area. I though Aaron sang a lot like James Taylor so I loved all of it and of course bought their CD.
Their tour bus while in the United States.
They were hosted by a local couple and I was privileged to kick back with them well into the wee hours. Till next time guys. I know you'll be back!

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Anne said...

Hi Patsy.. those first 2 pictures make me wonder how I will survive an October without a visit to see you.