Sunday, September 20, 2009

September Pleasures

We all enjoyed the great weather this weekend.
This quilt "Wowed me".
The acorns are dropping from the trees LOTS ! Diana is going to treat her squirrels to some.

I finally got to 'roll the quilt' after 6 more inches of hand quilting. I still want to encourage everyone to try you hand at 'hand quilting'. Remember the 2" square I asked you for last year? Well, this year I ask that you hand quilt just 2" !!

I found these Diva Witch shoes at a thrift store. Zippers up the back. Looked nice on Hilda's witchy women quilt.

Denise finished hand quilting her "Dear Jane" quilt and brought it for Show n Tell. WOW !!

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Chris said...

My quilting world is getting smaller and smaller. I know all but 4 ladies in this picture. Many from guild, from the shop and about 5 of them from the hospital!!! Can't wait for February!