Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Shoot Out

First off, let me say that guns aren't for everyone, but if you grew up in rural Wisconsin like I did, you learned to respect them. They were used for hunting, though I never got into that as a youth. But as an adult, am I an adult? I enjoy target practicing along with the rest of them.

Our latest family photo. Looks like the Hatfields and the McCoys - Ok the McCluskey's
Fun was certainly had by all who attended. Thanks Ken for organizing what will no doubt become an annual event. Caleb and Casey had fun.

Lots of 22 bullets were used up for 'plinking'.
Chillin in the shade. Safety was always first. Ear plugs for all who wanted them.
My Mom enjoying the great outdoors. Thanks Donna, for bringing the camper! Next year I will bring the Shiny Bubble.

The stand for all the hardware. Some of the guns were looking as old as we were.
I was pretty proud of myself. I could occasionally hit the stationary targets.
I had a lot of fun trying anyway. The semi automatic was soooooo easy to shoot.
The clay pigeon flinger was more of a challenge. Though, I did connect and hit two moving discs. The shot gun has a 'kick' when you pull the trigger so I was a bit apprehensive but it wasn't as bad as when I weighed 60 lbs as a kid and tried it. It can bruise your shoulder and send you backwards.

Grandma (my mom who is 92 yrs old) is being given a ride around the field by her great grand son Caleb. She's hanging on to the 'Oh, my God" handle.

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