Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yarn Cottage - Baraboo WI

Located at 800 Broadway in Baraboo, this yarn shop really has it ALL and MORE. Ms Vicky, the owner, is sooooooo helpful. The shop takes full advantage in every nook and crany - inside a little cottage-like home.

And Ms Vicky - well I feel I have met Rachel Rae ! What a great personality and the shop shows her vivaciousness !!!
Wool and I don't get along so I asked why? Well, apparently the underbelly of a sheep has this wiry hair and when mixed with the rest of the wool, creates that scratchy/itchy results for me. So she steered my towards the other yarns out there that are made by not using that part. I was delighted to know that I didn't have to give up all the luscious wools out there.
This is one great shop!! Vicki has a little dog that comes to work. I hear she is fond of purple yarn.

Folks can just come and knit on the couch by the fireplace if you want to.
If you need directions, call the store at 608-356-3852. The store hours are Monday-Friday 9-5, Thursday 9-8, and Saturday 9-4.
Of course I couldn't come away without my own goodies. I fell in love with a store sample so I am going to attempt my hand at crocheting and some Bamboo yarn. I have knit since I was 9 years old, just recently picking it up again.

So if you want to check out the website. She also has a blog and is on The Baraboo Knitwits is their own group.

So if you are coming through Baraboo Hwy 12, on your way to the Homestead Cabin Retreat.......I would definitely make this a stop on your list. I know many of you quilters are knitters/crocheters too.

Tell her, Patsy sent you!


Britni :) said...

WOW! What a wonderful feature of MS. Vicky's. She is such a fun and spunky person. I have been to her shop twice in the last month and live 4 hours away. It is worth the trip! I just happened across your blog looking for the address of the Yarn Cottage. WOW! Thanks for sharing and I hope people see how great it and head on over to her shop!

Anonymous said...

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