Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thrifty to Quilty

Well, I havn't stop thrift shopping. I just havn't gotten photos of the stuff I've been dragging in the house. Which by the way, I have been taking more stuff out of the house to Goodwill, St Vincents, and the Salvation Army than buying. I feel good about that. I donated over 36 sheets and blankets to the homeless shelters. The stuff I bought last minute to use when we first started the retreat. I also made two trips to the food pantry in one month - cleaned out MY food pantry. And I discovered a used book store in Reedsburg where I donated lots of quilting books from my household collection. Earned lots of 'in store credits' here.

Now, on to last week's show n tell and projects in the works...
closer look at the snowflake batik. Nice huh?

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