Monday, February 23, 2009

Patching during a snow storm

Kick off your shoes and sit right down....take a look at this weekends show.
The birds were crazy this weekend due to the snow. Fun to watch. Except when they crash the glass. Fortunately Lois made this little rescue basket with fabric scraps for the little crash victims to regain conciousness in.

WHEN ever this group comes to visit, the snow seems to follow. At least this year it came on Saturday instead of extending their stay by a day, like last year. Groups love anticipating getting "snowed in" where this group can actually say they were! Last year.

I don't think I ever recall hearing the ringing of the bell more often as this weekend. As you will see, there were many projects completed.
The doggies are very tiny - about 5 inches tall.

cow dish towel is udderly adorable!

Runners and totes

a jacket made from a sweatshirt

That is all for now, see you soon - patsy

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