Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tired and sore

This photo was taken at the retreat by a guest. It speaks volumes about
Wisconsin winter. Just a time of waiting it out. For the next season to begin.

My idea of exercise in winter has been coming in the form of extreme makeover - rearranging and cleaning. First it was the pantry at the retreat. I will get photos this weekend.

Then yesterday we installed this flooring in my office. I had been living with the concrete slab look for 9 years and thought it was time for an updated look.

I chose the "antique barnwood" look since the sidewalls are light pine in the office. It is peel and stick so no-brainer there. And you can cut it with a scissors - I'm a pro in that department. They were in 4 inch by 3 feet long 'planks' so it went together very quickly.
But now I have to deal with the continuous pulled muscle behind my right knee and thigh. I have been hobbling for over a week now. I even parked in a handicap stall one day, it hurt so bad. I NEVER do that. Today, fortunately Marty had a tooth pulled and I get to fill his pain medication!!! for him of course.
Hmmmm........ Is it heat or ice? I've tried both to no avail. I am shopping today for a sleeve for my fat leg and see if that will help??? Or maybe support hose? Any therapists out there?? suggestions???


Chris said...

Patsy, I think it might be time to see a doctor. If your leg is swollen, you may have a blood clot. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but swelling usually doesn't accompany a pulled muscle. Do it for me, ok?

Di said...

Peel and stick? Please, please tell me what brand this wonderful flooring is!

Mindful Presence said...

Wow this flooring is very nice--looks cozy and warm! Stay off the leg-time to call the help!

Patsy's Middle of No Where said...

The name brand of the flooring is "Designers Image" Luxury Vinyl Plank. It comes 20 pieces per carton which is 20 sq. feet. On sale at Menards till mid february I think. Non slippery when wet.

Sheila said...

I recommend R.I.C.E. (most of which you've already guessed): Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Alternate ice 15 minutes on, 20 off. You shouldn't have to buy compression stockings if you have an Ace bandage. Elevation may be tricky :)

The flooring looks awesome.. hard to believe it's peel-n-stick.

Pete said...


I was just wondering how this flooring is holding up nearly 3 years later. I was thnking of doing my entire basement with this.


Patsy's Middle of No Where said...

yes the flooring is still holding up after 3 years. Looks like the day I installed it - if it were clean of course.