Monday, February 9, 2009

Sun beams and Surprise Visits

The kin folk admiring the new flooring.

Juice - at ease. He's glad to get 'his chair' back in my office.

Occasionally I get to get "IN" on setting up surprises for guests. This week was a grand one! Amy surprised Dayna by signing up the same weekend unaware by Dayna. There were some screams when she arrived! They hadn't seen each other for a year or so.

They had a weekend of catching up to do.
Some of these are from Show n Tell, some they were working on and finished while here. Take a look.
a year of block of the month project

This is a great Valentines quilt Dayna!!

A manly cheater quilt, but still pieced. Just add borders!

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Chris said...

Your office floor looks beautiful! Great show and tell this weekend!