Friday, October 10, 2008

Potato + Dairy Farming

NO, not beans. Catalpa tree with seedpods. pronounced Ka-TAL-pa
Marty and his brothers were invited to pick up any pototoes that the machinery didn't pick in a Potato field by Spring Green/ Lone Rock area.
They picked up over 1 ton of potatoes and he said they didn't even put a dent in what was left! This is why I don't bother planting them in my own garden. Just look at the size of these.
Brady, my son, was headed back 'up north' with his 50 lbs of potatoes to share with his sister.
A few photos of the morning milking at the McCluskey (brothers-in-law farm). Brady and his Uncle Pat discussing something important.
Farm kittys waiting for their morning milk.
The newest kittys hiding in the rafters of the barn. I don't know how I didn't pluck one to take home.
The older cats were fascinated by the flash of the camera and all came running.

Tomorrow, a local landmark visited............later, Patsy

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