Friday, October 17, 2008

Flock Addition - New Kid in Town

My Mother-in-law was having terrible Rooster fights - both wanting to be King. Well, Marty brought home the instigator of the fights to our flock. We didn't have any more roosters as one by one they sacrificed themselves defending the flock. I hope this guy will guard them too. He sure is a pretty boy. The girls seem to be ignoring him mostly. By the second night, he caught on that he should go IN the chicken house at night if he wanted to be warm.
This big tree fell last year just above our house. Huge, huh? The dogs are brave enough to crall under - not me.
Also behind our house, there use to be a fenced area for pigs 'back in the day'. This fence grew into the tree dividing where the school kids should play and where the pigs should stay.
Some Fall beautys......
Some of the pine trees are sure producing lots of cones this year. After a few leaves have dropped to expose their skeletal remains, this beautiful bees nest was discovered hanging over Prouty Road. I didn't see any bees anymore, but the nest was sure neat! Nature's masterpiece.

I have noticed quite a few of these nests hanging over the roads since I take many backroads to where ever I am going.
Nice end to another beautiful Fall day, patsy

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Chris' Shady Grove said...

Wow, you sure have some beautiful photos on your blog. I think I love your new camera too!