Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A bit of Autumn all Around Us.....

I find myself driving alot slower lately. By that I mean 55 mph instead of my usual 65. Yea, yea, I have a lead foot. But with the beautiful trees, I just find myself too distracted!
This weekend will probably be peak for some of the distant hills around me. Yet, there are some that have all green. Just depends on frost/temperature/ and light I guess.

The maples are stunning this year around here in Sauk County. Here are two that are especially striking in my driveway.
While out leaf peeping, I run across this little fellow. Well, I really didn't 'run across' him. I went around him as he was crossing the road. It is a snapping turtle. Don't ever reach down by this guy's head - they will latch on with a grip mightier than any pit bull!!! You have to grab them by the tail if you really want to move them.
The Canadian geese were meeting at Plenke's Pond in Reedsburg. I guess they were going over their flight plan before proceeding on. There were thousands in this little pond and will be from now until winter decends upon us. It must be a sort of "Rest Stop" from up north to south of here.
Next entry will be from my excursion to Quintessential Quilt Shop in Reedsburg Wisconsin. I stopped in to see what they were up to the other day. You can see that tomorrow.
******Take a walk on the wild side this weekend. Patsy*****

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