Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's Blooming @ the Homestead?

Lots of folks only get to the Homestead the same time of year, every year, so they often don't get to see the summer blooms. This is what was blooming yesterday out and about.
This is in an old tool box.
It took a few years to get the lily pond going. It is an old stainless satellite dish with rubber roofing as a liner. The frogs love it and you can hearing them singing loud every summer night.

I have lots of containers for my blooms and I enjoy hunting everywhere for them. Repurposing items is the funnest because it is least expected.

Many of you know that I have been searching for a full size windmill.
I even had flyers made up that I would drop in people's mailboxes if I thought they might be interested in selling. Well, I guess I didn't let my quest be known to Marty's brothers.

Seems they have this old one in a heap on a 'junk' pile. Marty is always up for a challenge and he thinks he can resurrect 'her'. So I want to show you the 'in found condition' in case you see her squeaking off in the horizon someday.

It wasn't easy to get to. You have to drive way out in the field, park and walk down this old farm road dubbed "The Ridge Road". Jumping downed trees and dodging the 5 foot tall nettles, we finally made it. Good thing I won't be part of the Rescue mission. Just the Search team.
This weekend I have become a guest at my own retreat. It is the annual "Sister's Weekend" and I will be joined with 14 other gals who are all sharing the weekend with at least one sister. Many are coming today, Thursday, so I best get the place ready. I had my eye on some flowers growing along the road, so I better go cut them. Later, Patsy