Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do you believe in Fairies?

Sometimes you just capture the neatest shots on your camera.
The floral below has been my 'wallpaper' on my computer screen for quite some time. Do you see the little 'fairy' sitting on the right amidst the Johnny Jump Ups??? She is on the Right about mid screen. Ok, the reasoning folks will point out that it is just another flower stem this way and that. But that is how they fool you.

Anyway, I like it. I had it on the computer for weeks without noticing her sitting there. I am guessing I won't capture another on film for quite some time, but it is fun to believe.

This mossy step is in the woods below the retreat. My kids use to rest on the mossy hillside out on one of their 'expeditions'.

This particular flower brings back a very strong childhood memory for me. My Mom had these planted near the sidewalk just outside our screened in porch (Really my 'house' where all my dollys and I lived for the summer). I dug this one up at the McCauley farm near me. A couple years ago, I was driving by and spotted them. I asked if I could dig a few plants and because their son was in my four year old kindergarten class, they knew I wasn't totally off my rocker. I was so excited to see it emerge from the ground this Spring because I thought it died last year. Does anyone know the name of it so I can go buy a bunch? It is a rununcular of some sort.....flower is only 1/2" across. Folage is the leaves at bottom right on photo. Love this less humid day today, Patsy

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darlynn said...

Oh Patsy, why cannot you live next door to ME instead of SUSAN!!!!!
The little yellow flowers...I grew up w/those too! My mom called them bachelor buttons, but I don't know if that really was proper name.
Enjoy this time w/your sisters and friends..