Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4th annual Sister's Weekend

What fun we all had at the Fourth annual Sister's Weekend here at the Homestead Cabin Retreat. It was fun to quickly get caught up with what everyone was doing the past year. New grandbabies, new projects, and so on.

It never ceases to amaze me what folks are working on, have finished and brought to share. Barb breathed life back into these blocks she aquired and made this fantastic beauty. She will be giving it back to the block giver (I think her Uncle).

The kindness of Sisters.......Susan made us all these 'Organic' silk scarves that she dyed herself. Thanks Susan!
And her sister, Cindy made her a wonderful photo quilt.

So what does one look like after keeping her nose to the grindstone for an entire weekend and completed 800. YES, 800 I said, teeny tiny blocks for an exchange? I got them done DarLynn! This was taken at about midpoint. Glad they are done. Just need to iron them. They are now 2 inches in size.

My sister is on the outside left , me on the outside right and in between is our sister in law seated on left with her sister in law in the middle and sister seated on the right.

Just some of the great projects that passed through these doors.

Not all were quilters this weekend. We had some 'scrappers' and some 'beaders' and were they all skilled in their craft!!!

NancyJo outstanding in her field! Thanks patsy

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darlynn said...

Nice glasses Patsy!!!
Now, aren't you delighted w/all those 4 patches????
Won't they be just the "cat's meow" in our quilt???
And aren't you glad we met......

Warm fuzzies to you.....d