Friday, July 18, 2008

Inside Baraboo Wisconsin

This is where I use to take my kids for lunch every week while I was a stay-at-home Mom. We would go threw the drive-threw of choice and take it to the park. It is a beautiful park with lots of tree covered picnic tables and a huge playground. I failed to get photos of this.

When I was little (45 years ago) all the animal park had were these metal cages with a slab of concrete for the animals to 'live' on. How I loved/hated to see those animals in there. I enjoyed seeing them but longed for them to get out of there. When my kids were little there was a "Park Committee" and they raised money to expand the cages to a grassy area and that is what is there today. There is a sign on the old cages that they are working towards replacing those. They had an 18 year old bobcat that had just died of old age the end of May of this year. His cage is empty too. Stacy loved that cat!

I loved Sikah, the wolf. You can see him or his offspring top right of the falls at the base of the tree. Sikah's cage was the first to be relocated to grass.
The two fawns pictured are a few weeks old and this enclosure was updated with pond and ducks.

The prairie dogs are great! Love them. When we traveled out west to the Badlands (Cody was 4 -now 24) we wondered where he got these peanuts he was eating. He said he reached down the prairie dog's hole and there they were. So I always get a chuckle when I see them.

There are goats, potbellied pig, bears, monkeys, deer, ducks, llamas, bobcat, exotic chickens and a few others I may have missed. Park is Free
It is worth a look see if you come through Baraboo next time. patsy

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