Friday, June 13, 2008

A Walk to Susan's house

What you can see on your way to a friend's house.......

This Tamarak tree we planted two years ago. My daughter the tree expert said it likes to have wet I wasn't sure it would do well where we planted it. This year I definately won't have to worry about wetting 'its feet'.
Susan has such lovely plants, trees, and shrubs in which nature loves to hang around at her house. I captured this swallow tail butterfly on my camera.
Some of you, while at the retreat, could see this caboose across the ravine.
Our neighbor dogs are Dylan, Maggie, and Mitzy. Our dogs, Polly and Juice love to exchange neighborhood gossip back n forth by barking whenever they have some news.

I cut alot of squares and tumbler blocks yesterday. The squares I added to if my scraps were small. I ask all the retreat guests to save me a 2"x2" square when they are here. I think I have enough to start something. I was cutting and sewing a scrappy tumbler quilt after I moved my Singer upstairs to the porch for awhile. I just don't seem to find much time downstairs. We'll see if this works out better. So far it's great. Take care, Patsy


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