Friday, June 20, 2008

Thrify finds this week

I forgot my wallet once at Baraboo, so not to drive the same road twice, I went a different route the second time and stumbled across a garage sale out in the country. What a find! I got this foldup drying rack which will look great with quilts hanging on it.
And some chicken feeders, a coffin shaped cake pan for Halloween - I think it is suppose to be a petal for a flower maybe??? Kinda looks like a dresden plate flower. Pencils for our church, clothespins, jadite bowls for cheap.
A Beautiful 50's prom dress....
This tricycle for only $13!!, FisherPrice Airport, bunting, flags, and the neat polyester homemade rug.
Well, I better get busy for the guests this weekend! Next weekend is Cody's wedding!
Take care, Patsy

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