Friday, June 6, 2008

Flowery Day

From the Northwoods to South Central Wisconsin's Spring................

We have it ALL right here...........

Lilacs are my favorite - next are tulips, and then all the rest of the flowers. The is a special French species I think. It grew more tree like than most lilacs. Finally, this year it sent shoots out so I can start some more.

This is one of my ferns that I found at an area perennial garden. It's a good thing I like shade loving plants because we have lots of shade in the woods.

I so enjoy the white Bleeding Hearts and mine are prolific this year. These are near the frog pond and I am sure the tree frogs enjoy hiding in them. At night, you can hardly hear yourself think outside because the frogs are so very loud. You can hear many species and different songs.

Things blooming here at the Retreat - double purple Wave Petunias. I do have a few sun worshiping plants.

This is a picture of my favorite Son-in-law (I only have one) and the boy is a friend's son who is a fishing buddy. The fish was caught in the tail, so they struggled for over an hour bringing him in. He was later let go. Caught in Fish Creek, Ashland Wisconsin. Good job Jay!

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