Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Lady of the Fields Shrine

Many of you have hiked the half mile journey to "the Chapel" and some of you wanted to, but didn't take the time. I thought I would show you what it was so maybe the next time you come stay at the Homestead Cabin Retreat, you might take a look. It is only a half mile but the rolling hills of Sauk County add that little bit of 'extra' workout.
I have warned many folks to watch out for the guy behind the door, and still they were startled. Life size Saint.
The windows are especially beautiful when the setting sun shines through them.
The Chapel is connected to St. Patrick's Catholic church. The cemetary has mostly older Irish decendants which are very interesting. The dates on the tombstones let us know when things like famine struck the community.
I hope you check it out the next time you stay, Patsy

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