Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aftermath from flooding

Have you ever wondered how two days of rain can cripple a state?

The picture of half a road is in our township so quite close. (Not a road you travel on to get to the retreat) Water was bubbling out of the middle of the road like "bubbling crude".

When a entire city's sewage treatment plant is flooded, it is shut down. Reedsburg is on "state of emergency". The photo is one of the clinics. The hospital and all clinics are using Port-a-Potties for employees and those who are not "in patients" . Nice. Huh? No elective surgeries are scheduled You do what you have to do.......

Sandbagging in Reedsburg near the bridge you have to cross to get to the quilt shop. Or any other shop. They are leaving them in place due to more rain in the forcast. "Butterfest" the towns celebration is cancelled for this weekend.

All of Lake Delton's water and Sauk County and Vernon county's water is making its way south and causing Inner State Hwy to close last night near Johnson Creek.

Even "Dottie's" feet are wet. Lots of water ran off the hill and down into the chicken coop.

Maxi is doing her "ain't I cute?" roll in the dirt.

Stay dry......

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