Monday, February 18, 2008

Wisconsin February morning

The snow drift in front of the patio door is what I woke up to this morning. I look out into this backyard from my desk. School is cancelled once again. And so is our guild meeting tonight here at the retreat.

It is no wonder the Wisconsin Dells indoor water parks are booking over 800 rooms a night! Two words;

Cabin Fever!

This is a guild 'round robin' of sorts. It is one of many going around.

It will be a donation to the Veterans Hospital in Madison Wisconsin when finished to be handed out to a patient.

The panels were purchased by one member, the gold + blue border added by Janet. I added the half square triangles this weekend. I actually got to sit down and sew some during the last retreat. It was nice sitting with Marilyn, Gail, Judy, Linda, Chis, and Mary. And of course my sister, Nancy. There are some lucky babies out there that will reap the rewards of these Madison quilters.
This scene is atop my vertical file with many cubbys in my office.

The barn was one of those things that I hunted for, for many years. I had seen it in one of Lynette Jensen's books. I use to buy the Thimbeberries books for the decorating glimpses into Lynette's home. Kim Diehl has picked up the ball with her books. Whenever I get into a slump, I grab those books off the shelves to look at again and again.

I want to thank Bonnie for her hint about "Eva Cassidy" cd's and how she liked to listen to her while quilting. Boy, they are nice to listen to !

I am a February birthday and this little gal, I got in an auction box along with something else I was bidding on. Does anyone remember these? I think it is a ring holder but could be wrong. It says Napco 1956 underneath. I presume it was a dime store purchase. We had a wonderful store called the "Holzmiller's Five and Dime" in Reedsburg when I was a little girl. It was owned by two twin brothers with the Holzmiller name.

I remember saving up my money to buy a few things there. I remember buying my nativity set there. I still have that and remember that store every time I unpack it. Another thing I remember buying there was these Valentine pins.

This one I treasure. It was made in school by my youngest son, Cody. He is 24 yrs old now.
All you Mom's out there, can relate, I'm sure.
I still love wearing this one!
I guess I'm a romantic, but time to let all this Valentine stuff go now.
It's time. Stay warm.

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Christine said...

Oh, I am going to like this...keeping up with your goings on. On the weekends when I am working and would rather be at home at my machine, or up by you, I will look at your site and look forward to my next time there......