Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chicken girls

Does this look like Spring? The sun streaming in and shining on the eggs?

Some girls sit in backwards and it's no wonder the eggs end up on the floor.

These black n white girls are wyondotts. This breed comes in the red/black checkered color too.
The left photo, the reddish backwards chicken is an Araucanas (green eggs) and the white chicken is a Light Brahmas (brown eggs). These are a few of the original clan I got 4 years ago.
I am off to the feed store to buy more chicken crumbles. They can't live on table scraps from the retreat alone. That is just their bonus. They have to have the crumbles, corn, and water or no eggs for Patsy.
Stay warm today - very blustery Pooh!

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Proud Side Kick said...

Sometimes us other girls get turned around too; thanks for providing the 'place' to right ourselves with life again.