Saturday, February 23, 2008

Winter goes on and on

and there is more snow coming Monday.....

Marty and my son Brady are shoveling off the roof so as to relieve the stress on the roof trusses. Also to help the stuff melt and so the ice damming won't be so bad.

The inside view is looking out into the snow pile after the shoveling was done. Then they had to move the pile of snow so we could use the front door again. Notice it is up on the glass.

This weekend's guests had a surprise for Andrea who is getting married this fall. They each made a block, assembled, and quilted this quilt for her 'shower' gift. It was in her Kansas trouble colors. There were two extra blocks so these were made into pillows.

A few more photos of some wonderful eye candy! These gals really finished lots of UFO's!

Take a look.......

This log cabin is only 45" square. Tiny pieces but oh so stunning!
Take care, Patsy

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darlynn said...

Your blog has turned out wonderful. Perhaps inspiring me....hmmmm. Block in windows....I too have purchased some old windows with the same idea, but mine is still an idea, love the flags. Love seeing all the snow. I know you are getting sick of it, but I do love snow, spring, summer, fall...all are great, but ohhhhhhhhh the snow!!! Makes me want to sit and sew, make cookies, read a book or watch a good movie... Keep up the great blog Patsy! (reread this post...i certainly LOVE a lot :)