Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Treading Snow

We are all looking forward towards this weekend as they are predicting highs of 33 and 35 degrees!!! A real welcome treat for those in Wisconsin. Heck we may just show up in shorts and t-shirts.
Maxi's favorite spot is in a box on my desk. She has two to pick from and this one is her favorite. It came with a quilting kit inside from Country Sampler in Spring Green. Good taste, kitty.

Polly and Juice are getting tired of the winter too.

They are following me around today more than usual. I guess they are looking for something exciting to do too.

This is my ongoing project of cutting up strips into usable sizes. Pressing, cutting, pressing, cutting.

These catalogs are getting alot of attention at our house lately.
Seed catalogs from our local nurseries!

They usually appear in the mailbox the day
after Christmas.

This is Easter in a box. Today or tomorrow I am putting away "Winter" and the snowmen and getting out Easter. Soon the retreat will have no reminders of winter, unless you look outside of course.
How many more days till Spring? March 20th is the day! Last year, I seen my first bluebird the third week of Spring. Unless they'll be wearing Carhart's this year, don't think that'll be happening. Unless we get some major flooding real soon. Don't want that either. Fussy, aren't I?
I'm done ranting for today.
Take care, Patsy

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