Sunday, February 17, 2008

Playmates, come out and play with me..............

This is just one of 26 cardinals chasing around at the many bird feeders while we watch the seemingly endless snow drift to the ground. An occasional bluejay and his gang try and dominate the feeder for a time.

With an already 6" on the ground and no end in sight, I am trying to take a photograph in my memory to save for the middle of August.

I know for sure that I would trade today for any mid August, hot summer day.

It's 'ode to Valentine's decorations. Even Penny Brite is dec'd out. But alas, Easter is on the horizon and I must make room. The stitchery was a make and take project from our local guild that meets the third monday night of each month, here at the retreat. It says "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you".
I am off to plug in my iron to do a little scrap pressing. Then cutting into some strips and squares and bricks. Must tackle this monumental task!


Proud Side Kick said...
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Proud Side Kick said...

What's the saying, 'a picture says a thousand words', well I say "a quilt says a thousand moments." Thanks for providing the place for experiences to happen in order for the sharing of sisterhood on the path to a thousand moments - during the actual making the quilt (and it's not just about sewing) and for years to come in all those who enjoy our masterpieces.