Thursday, February 21, 2008

On the Brighter side...

Amazing what a sunny day can do. And the incredible high temperature of 17 degrees! Thats Fahrenheit. While out buying my 16 bags of groceries for the retreaters this weekend, I had to drop off some things for St. Vincents thrift store. Well, since I was there, I just had to go in and check everything out. I hadn't been there in over a month. This is my find for the day.

I love using these old little suitcases for my quilting projects. I store one ongoing project per case. this is my third one I have. It needed alot of goo-gone on the outside as someone was good with the tape.
It even came with the original keys. It was $5. I bought some antique bird prints too but I need to find different frames for these. I plan to redecorate our bedroom with a bird theme. I'll show you them later.

These 'bed risers' came in the mail for me today. I have this 5 legged table out on my sun porch for cutting and I was liking cutting there so I decided to make it a permanent cutting table. Trouble was, I had to order two sets of 4 in order to get 5 risers but oh well. I dumped over the cat food trying to get them in their spots. The pets can clean that up. Too much work!

I painted the designs on the floor when we added the porch over 20 yrs ago.

I wanted you to see my transom window from a barn and what I did with it. I know it's nothing new but I'm hoping it will inspire me to get busy and do something with the other 4 or 5 windows that I have. They were meant to be in the retreat bedrooms. Now I just have to make a few blocks to match the themes of the bedrooms. The above one is screwed into the wall above the patio door.

You know the type of items you would buy when you get your first place away from home? These are the type of things that are falling into my cart at Walmart. Brady is about to be home owner and I don't forsee a wedding shower in the future (no steady girlfriend) so I have been picking up odds n ends for him. I'm looking forward to unloading some excess furniture and dishes and such......clean sweep.

I hope you all got to see the lunar eclipse last night. Totally cool.

Take care, Patsy

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Charlotte said...

Patsy, I just love all your photos of nature, sewing/quilting ideas and "finds". Thanks for sharing them. You give me inspiration. I want to know what you have planned for all those strips of fabric that you are cutting and pressing.