Monday, August 2, 2010

An August Walk with me

Come exploring with the dogs and me.

The apple tree fell over this last week due to too much rain and a heavy load of apples.

" Composure, composure. "
" Oh, I love this new cut grass ! "
A new shoot off the Red Bud tree. This became my favorite when I took a bus tour to the Smokey Mountains in the early Spring. Had to get a tree when I got home.
Succulent reflections.

If only the slugs would leave these alone. They like them too. Guess I'll have to share a brew with them.
Marty gets these Angel Wings begonia every year. I just love them.

That's it. Thanks for walking with me on this gloomy day. I mowed the lawn like crazy today dumping the clippings 7 times. It takes about 3 hours to mow most of this. I didn't do around our house but only I have to look at that long grass out my office window.

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Chris said...

I love redbud trees. I planted 3 at my old house before I was able to get one to grow. It turned out I had to buy from locally grown stock to get it to survive the cold winters in Chicago.