Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot August weekend

Between all the rain this weekend, the sun shone WHILE it was raining. Never did see a rainbow.
Inside photo this weekend. Moms/Daughters/Granddaughters , Sisters, Best friends. It was all good!

White socks without shoes in a quilting retreat? You get what you get.

These two talented ladies gifted me with photo notecards done from their previous visit and the chicken art quilt is already hanging proudly near the kitchen. So very cool! Thank you again.

Signature quilt above ~ me ? an honorary signaturer

Quilt on Rt is cotton applique's. Looks soft and wooly, don't it?

Made from salvage edges. Might just have to try one out of strips.

This by a first year quilter !

The young lady above is in her first year as a quilter.

All the way from Tennessee ! Terry above

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