Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big wheeels keep on turning

Well I bit the bullet and ordered all new wheels for 18 chairs. That is 18 X 5 wheels each. Ouch!
But they roll so quiet. I ordered them yesterday and I got them delivered today!! Yeah Office Max!!
The original chairs came with wheels for carpet and it would just chew up the wax on the floor in no time. I didn't know about kinds of wheels till that happened.
Well I just got the floor rewaxed again AND installed all new wheels. We'll see how long the wax lasts this time.

I hope you all won't be disappointed ~ you can't hear the chairs roll overhead any more. I use to use that sound as an alarm clock but NO more!

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Mary said...

Patsy - I hadn't read this post before we left home on Thursday, or I would have mentioned it to you. I honestly didn't notice the new wheels, but that's what's so great about your place - everything runs so smoothly and there are so many thoughtful choices made to ensure the comfort of your guests. Thanks, as always, for a wonderful weekend.

Mary Rapp