Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vintage Trailer Rally Montello Wisconsin

The dogs were enjoying the drive by look see at the Vintage Trailers.

Not real melted ice cream. I want a deck of cards like those.

Someone else likes Vintage swimsuits, among other things.

This Shasta made my jaw drop. Maybe because it was in my favorite 'trailer colors'.

It is all about the props.
An Avion trailer, similar to the Airstream..........
Traveling cocktail night put everyone to work in the 98 degree weather.

This tear drop trailer was made by the owner. He made a canoe also but were in a competition that afternoon. Their canoe came in second I heard later.

1949 Chevrolet truck ~ almost identical to the one I have to fix up. Lovely couple that restored this baby.

The day of the Open House, it was open to the public, not just the Rally folks.
Loved the contrast of the extravagant and the small vintage trailer in the foreground.
Barb had a wonderful trailer and some cute little dogs.
My favorite decorated Scotty trailer. Details to the hilt !
My neighbors ~ I'd like to call them the "Colemans" from their collection. I think she actually worked for Coleman camper stuff.
Scotty trailers had a few scotty dogs on guard.
This couple had a new Teardrop trailer that he tricked out to match the Impala pull car. Unfortunately it broke down just 20miles from home and he had to leave the car at home.
A few folks had Vintage vehicles to pull their Vintage trailers. Soooo cool.

Earlier Airstream ~ I think it was a 1951 Clipper. Alien to me.
Inside another on a permanent site.
Inside the permanently parked trailer ~ ooh so cute.

Love the aqua color appliances and decor in this tiny trailer.


angelsister1951 said...

oh soo cute ... i love the shiney bubbles lites.. what a fun time looks like you had a great time and i bet its all about the props... i love your fold up chairs...too cute...

Nona Jones said...

This looks like so much fun. I am glad that you are enjoying your trailer. Get that truck fixed up to pull it and there will be no stopping you.

Holly said...

Patsy -
I echo what Nona said. So fun and so you! What a hoot to visit each trailer and see all the amazing details - like stepping back in time. Was it a simpler life? I don't know, but it sure looks fun!