Friday, August 13, 2010

Junking days are not over

What I thought was a wool blanket when I picked it up...... I have this thing about hot water bottles. These were all together in a booth at the Columbus Antique Mall. Whenever you have a few hours to kill, it is THEE place to visit. I will guarantee you will get lost inside the building. It has room after room and then there are three floors. Columbus Wisconsin
Turned out to be a poncho when you open the zipper that is sewn in the middle of the 'blanket'. The zipper is open for the head to fit in. See pic at top.

The ladies at the thrift store keep busy making these and I keep buying them.
A towel for the Shiny Bubble.

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Mickey said...

I have one of those crocheted/knitted hangers and love it. I will have to go buy more from them.