Friday, July 17, 2009

Shiny Bubbles made it home

Here we are sleeping amongst the big rigs. The long drive down below Springfield proved too much for both of us. We spent the first night here at a rest stop.

Now I just need some time to get away....................................
There's always Sunday night hmmmmm.
Some thought you should be able to pay extra to sleep here. Or maybe to handle the overflow.??

The shower is know as the 'wet bath' area where you shower with a hand held sprayer in with the toilet / sink.
Bare with me all you veteran campers but this is all new for me.
I will be replacing the "80's Green" with something different. I also want to make room for a featherweight sewing table. Not this one. And the swival rocker has got to go.
These hub caps are known as "Baby Moons"


Anonymous said...

How sweet the name and go glad you made it home safely
I would have let you camp on the back forty if i knew you were comming thru...
What fun soo not into the rocker or the pretty green well i am sure you will doll it up just like lucy would have
Enjoy... cant wait to take a tour of the new place on the next visit up

Chris said...

I love that screen door. You are going to have so much fun refitting the interior. Congratulations on your new baby!

Sharyn said...

Patsy, it looks just like you, well will when youre finished with the interior redo. How Sweet!! And well deserved too!