Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Retreat w/September weather

It was actually too cold outside until finally sunday, we could enjoy outdoor dining.
Three sisters made these 3 sisters blocks. Fantastic memories girls!
A work in progress above.

The alphabet quilt, Karen's grandson colored in the letters that Karen had drawn. Then he drew something for each letter. Q for quilt.

The teapot quilt is a little doll quilt that 'Gramma' is hand quilting for a grand daughter. She makes one for every grand daughter each year.

I love the sentiment inside this water bottle. If we as women could give advice to the young girls of today - and they would listen - this would be it!

Thanks Debbie for letting your Penny Brite visit this weekend. It is good to see someone else grew up treasuring her. Thanks for another great weekend.

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