Monday, July 6, 2009

Airstream International in Madison

The silver bullets filled the entire Madison Expo parking lots. Both sides, huge parking lots, front and back of the buildings. Remember the Quilt Expo ? Same place - ALL parking was Full of Airstreams.

I took the time away from the family campout to check these vintage Airstream's out. I am going to own one of these babies someday.

Chrome LP tanks, neat huh? And vintage vehicles to pull the campers.

Many had little dogs to go in their little campers. I could get use to this life, I think. As long as I had a dog or two with me. I love the silver seams on this camper.......Kinda like armor.

So if anyone knows of one for sale in any condition? I would like a Bambi 19 footer but would settle for any less than 25 feet. (these can be towed with a jeep)

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Chris said...

I love these old Airstreams. Hey if Marty's tied up I'd be happy to be your traveling companion! lol