Thursday, July 23, 2009

Purging the house

I do eventually purge OUT almost as much as I bring IN to the house. It is a 'healthy' balance.
Monday, it all started with the closet that is off of my office. A friend and I always talk about how 'clutter' is disturbing subconsciously, sooooooo I thought it was time for 'Easter' to fit back into the storage closet. BUT, in order for it to fit, there had to be some purging, reorganizing, and clean up. It took all day, but it did fit.
Tuesday, it was on to my office (was done, but with Wednesday's cleaning it got messy again).
I also cleaned and purged junk from the bedroom. Now on Wednesday, the living room and spare bedroom had a turn. Not totally done in either but O.K. for now.
I actually have the back of the car full once again to donate to charity.
I even started a box with things for Shiny Bubbles.
This coming weekend is our annual Sister's Weekend Potluck!! Yippee. I get to sew.

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