Monday, October 4, 2010

Willy worm, Wooly worm weekend

It was a very restful weekend, right Lynn?
18 shining faces

Cute bag

Focus fabric on right....

Grocery bag from 2 kitchen towels made from pattern upstairs.

Runner and cute little backpack.

Some purses still need that dreaded handle ~ or could be a clutch.

Blue/White on right is blocks made by her Grandmother and are now sashed and going to be finished and then given back to Grandmother's daughter (her Mom) for a gift. Bet they'll be tears!

Cheryl ~ it is good to see up and at 'em again!

These were knit and felted ~ too cute!


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angelsister1951 said...

thanks for the pictures patty... they are so inspirational.... i need some motivation get me back on track... always fun to see the projects.. what a productive group...