Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One last Camp out close to home

Well, I didn't go very far but being close provided the opportunity to run back/forth to the retreat as needed.
Thursday night I spent some quiet time by the fire and some quiet time sewing and some quiet time reading. It was the quietest I have every 'heard'. And in a County campground. I needed it, and I liked it. Just me and the stars and some critters rustling the leaves.

I was joined by friends the next day and rest of the weekend. It was fun camping in a very private cul de sac and spending time with good girl friends.
Mary Jane's book and a bouquet of 'flowers'. Life is good.
This was my view behind me. It was a tent site not taken. Actually there were 4 tent sites near me not taken. Nice !

Packing up took longer than usual as I packed away the soft items for the winter.
Alas, to park the Shiny Bubble one last time............ Bill, I hope I can store her in your soon to be built shed !

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