Monday, October 18, 2010

Leftovers from Summer

All the stamps off your envelopes get packaged up for charity.
Can you see the brand of this machine? Old Homestead !!
My homemade laundry soap.

It seams a collection of these type of pillows are finding me.
My favorite doll I received at age one. "Baby Eye Punch In"

Sophie asleep on the bird feeder. A bad hunting day?
Our collection of camping lanterns.
A recent antique purchase. Wood block puzzles.
40's decor down in the Man room.
I am purging all my quilt magazines. Tearing out what I like and putting them in binders. I have two full. More magazines yet to purge. Feels sooooo good to get them out of this house.

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Debbie said...

I did the same with my quilt magazines. Now as I finish reading them, I take out what I like and toss the rest. Saves alot of space.