Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Faithful Threads group

Thank you Faithful Threads

Many of you do this already but while I had the photos, I have to show everyone because it is such a great idea. You take your favorite bound quilt book to a printing place. They cut the spine off and can add a spiral wire or below, a plastic version. Now your book can lay open flat.

When taking in to the printers, Annabelle had them add a clear pocket page for applique patterns to tuck inside. Neat idea!!

Pink Barb holding up a checkbook cover she made.

Up dare, eh ? Snow mobilers as we call them here. Guess Alaska call's them snow machines.

RoseMary's sampler inspired her group to do an exchange of similar blocks.

Judy on the left designed this First Maze pattern that she is selling here at the Retreat along with another pattern not pictured.

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