Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sister's Weekend 2010

It was great fun sewing with my sister and sister in law. Thanks ladies !

Linda and Cindy ~ just a hayseed, plowboy.

Below, Carla made all of us aprons !! Thanks SIL !

Draw from the jar once a week and answer the question in your journal.
This is for your grandchildren. Nice idea scrappers!!

Thanks to my brother, I have a new Camper Christmas light. I think I'm keeping this in the Shiny Bubble all year round. Thanks Ken!!

Pin cushion of the week ~ scrapper's shoes.

Maxi pad, I mean burp cloth.

These grandmother's flowergardens were only 1/4" across !!
Enlarge the sister's pic above and take a look at the shoes!

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Chris said...

Do you mean to tell me that my sister and I could have come??? I counted only 15 in the picture....oh, well, maybe next year.