Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Celebration ~ about 25 years??

I hope you all had a great 4th of July. We did.
Just some of the cars on fireworks night.
Watched fireworks under the tent, peeking out to see the magnificent display this year. It rained during the fireworks but the show went on.
Shiny Bubble's first adventure. Now if it would stop raining so the awning would dry out....
It's tradition ~ son Brady telling the "Let's go on a bear hunt" story with actions they all join in.

2010 Corn Hole champions!
Baseball, boys, apple pie, and Chevrolet.
Fireworks night is open to the public with a huge pot luck.
Chris was so kind to bring 'tie dye stuff' and helped all the kids dye a t-shirt, or socks or shoes.
I didn't get the memo to wear peach on Sunday. Guess I wasn't an 'Angel'. Gotta earn my wings.
I love this photo of Sabrina. How happy she is blowing bubbles and watching them.
The movie "RVing with Robin Williams" after watching our family pics of Celebrations past.
We really like the addition of the solar lights to illuminate where to walk and where to not run into things.
6 yards of 'backing fabric' 108" wide doubled made a great movie screen. Thanks to Red and Ben for installing the higher than high clothesline. And thanks to Susan and Jim for the loan on their Projection DVD player. Gotta get me one of those to take with me camping to share at campgrounds.
Some have given up on the tent saga and just bringing a cot. Less to take down, less to put up.
Saturday night was 'fish fry' night.

Another great year of celebration under our belts (filling our belts). Thanks to Chris + Smiley family for hosting this year!!

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