Monday, June 8, 2009

Rainy Weekend - Good to be inside

Take a look at this weeks Show n Tell and projects in the lucky I am to see all this stuff every weekend. 

What a stunner this quilt was.  Take a look at the quilting on this.
Pin cushion of the week has to be this pumpkin.  So cute.

These cute little girls were appearing 'hidden' in plain view all over the retreat.  Not sure if I've found them all yet.  Thanks Deb and Nancy!

The one above and below were both bought at the Amish Quilt Auction near the retreat.  Can't remember the prices but I think they were between $200 and $375 a piece.  What a deal!

Spring showers showed their face this weekend.  Though I enjoy these kinds of weekends because there is nothing better to do than sit inside and sew. Specially if you are sewing.  
 Unless you want to go to the Amish Auction which half the guests did.  There were two lucky gals that saw a deal and bought a quilt.  The workmanship was exquisite. 
Thanks for a great weekend!

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