Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Changing the Horizon

The blades awaiting to be hoisted up.  It is a Monitor Windmill made by the Baker Manufacturing company of Evansville  Wisconsin.
Going up the middle of the road with the stand
Juice shut his eyes so I wouldn't see him in the jeep.  Concrete bags for planting the windmill legs.  

Some blooms around the grounds.   

The next time you come to the Homestead, you may notice a change on the horizon. I finally found and Marty fixed and repaired this rusty old windmill. Many of you know that I have been looking many years for one. It is not actually pumping water but it could be - as Marty fixed all the parts. I have yet to paint the windmill vane but I'm working on it.  The circular blades and vane will be lifted by a small crane when I get it done. 

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