Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Extras

Maxi, the cat, had a little episode last week. She walked through a puddle of gasoline that had apparently spilled in the workshop. Of course after walking through it, it started to sting her little toes and doing as cats do - licking it to clean themselves, well you can guess the rest. She spit alot to get it out of her mouth. This is when she come to "Mom". I didn't know what she had goten into until I picked her up. You could smell the gas. And she kept separating her little toes. I give her a quick shower. Problem solved. She apparently didn't suffer much as she went right on to eating.

Another unusual happening was this egg I found. I reached into the nesting box and it was an egg minus the shell. Once in a great while, this will happen. Still puzzling however. It has the yolk and egg white inside a dry gelly membrane. Kinda reminds me of a breast implant - though I have no experience with such a thing. Must have been a 'stressed out' chicken.

I missed posting a few pictures, so I'm adding them here. Wish I could have convinced her it should be a tablecloth.

Raggy jacket

St Paddy's Day cute huh?

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