Monday, March 9, 2009

N"ICE" Storm - quilt - IN

For safety sake - most guests decided to stay the extra night - not too much arm twisting! And for all the family and employers of the guests here --- we REALLY Did have ICE. SEE........
Nothing better than a "bonus day" of quilting !!

The next day, as the temperatures were on the rise, and as the sun was burning off the fog.......the beauty began to show itself.
- it is beautiful!
Enjoy the sparkle! I sure did. Most guests were from the Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop from Fox River Grove in Illinois. Thanks Carrie and Katie.
Stacie and Katie

Some of the eye candy this weekend.....

My favorite pin cushion this weekend.......and inside the card said something about "A girl's got to accessorize"

Brown bear, brown bear. What do you see?

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