Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Things at the Retreat

A few new items have come to settle within the walls of the retreat. It feels like a sort of homecoming. Both items have a very 'homey' look to them.
I would like to introduce the Retreat's new hand quilting frame.

This is my second one of these. You see, back in 1985, I bought my first model from the Pleasant Mountain Quilt frame company. Well, when I bought my longarm, I had to make room and I reluctantly had to sell it. Well, you just know a good product when you've had one before......so when I wanted a frame in which guests to try their hand at 'hand quilting'.....I already knew what I wanted. Here is the new 'baby' I just love.
And here I am taking the first hand stitches on the vintage quilt top I bought years ago. So please, don't be intimidated about not being 'good enough'. I want every guest who comes to try at least a few stitches.

A few friends adding some more stitches. I love it!!

And speaking of new babys........take a look at what I have been gifted with. The second item which has come to live with me.

It is in such pristine condition, you can hardly tell from the photo that this is the real deal - vintage baby carriage. Thank you so much Annabelle!! It will be used amongst my many collections and I just know it will fit right in with all my vintage baby quilts. It has a secret compartment under the pad at the bottom. A friend said there were some Prohibition baby carriages which use to 'distribute' but this compartment was barely big enough for one small bottle - probably for the mother :) and not the baby.

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darlynn said...


The yard and garden show certainly was wonderful eye candy here in the midwest! Thanks.

Love the new retreat items as well. Great idea to add the hand quilting frame. But you are the best!!!