Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Olbrich Gardens Spring Flower show

On monday around noon, I get this call from a friend that says, "Patsy, you just gotta come see this".....so I drop everything and go. She is one of those friends that know exactly what you like......

So I jumped in my Subaru and I am on the road to Madison. The Spring Flower Show runs till March 22nd so I only had this one day to see it. What fun!

I hadn't been to Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison for years. It was a beautiful day and I should have toured the grounds too but didn't take the time today. They have events throughout the years.

Only minutes from off of the 'Beltline' (hwys 12/18) that snakes around the outskirts of Madison. The 'dome' was quite humid that day so pardon the foggy photos - I kept wiping the lense constantly. Viewing the dome was only $1 and then a donation for the Spring show. Reasonable entertainment, huh?

A Simpler Time: Garden Beauty & Bounty was the name of the show. I am sure I will return to this photographer's paradise when the tulips outside on the grounds are all open. Many weddings take place here and I can see why. I have one of these and one of those and oh, yeah, one of those too! How cleaver. I can't wait till I visit my local Amish Green houses in a few weeks!
This is an early garden cultivator. We had one exactly like this on the farm where I grew up. In fact, I think I have one in my garden shed - oh dear. I may never find it in there! I always feared for my toes while pushing this thing as a kid. Of course I was barefoot.

The fragrance was wonderful!

Chickens are always my favorite. Love the metal nesting boxes.

The water trickling down the copper rain chains was an idea I have tucked in my memory. I have the barrel already Marty! What's a little plastic tubing, motor, pump, and a little copper chain???

Red thing is a seed separator.

More galvanized tubs with freshness tucked inside.

Now we are entering the 'dome' and see some Tropical wildlife and plants.

These are always fun. Those coins in there can't be good for the fish.

That was fun.

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